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Ametis Villa Bali,Indonesia

巴厘岛纯蓝别墅 - 印度尼西亚海岸线上的热带雨林




Ametis Villa Bali以珍贵的紫水晶(Amethyst)命名,7,500平方米的别墅区内设有14间私人别墅,揉合富热带风情的园林设计,幽静宁谧。度假酒店亦结合峇里传统与现代设施,在奢华的住宿及公共社交空间呈现峇里的特色。酒店无处不在的精致摆件质朴而充满年代感,更是凸显了主人的细致与用心,随处可见的石雕、入目可及之处的小物件都展现了酒店特色,酒店每间别墅的钥匙都是被禁止带出酒店区域的哦,因为酒店所有的钥匙扣都是独一无二的。





Ametis Villa Bali - Tropical Rain Forests By The Indonesian Coastline

Opened on 9 March 2011 Ametis Villa Bali is located in the sleepy coastal village of Canggu. The resort promises a degree of escapism with a tropical experience that doesn’t involve young children for travelers seeking to break free from a cycle of routine and to be at one with the nature.

Ametis Villa Bali has raised the tropical resort experience to a new level with its fashionable style. It has a "home away from home" design concept that allows people to embrace the nature.

Ametis Villa Bali embodies the essence of Bali, its simple and unspoiled original ecology has attracted more and more travelers and those who know how to enjoy luxurious life. The hotel is surrounded by nature and has a strong artistic and cultural atmosphere to create an amazing stay experience. It takes only 5 minutes to walk to the charming Indian Ocean beaches.

Ametis Villa Bali is named after the precious Amethyst. It has 14 private villas in a 7,500 sqm villa area, a mix of tropical and tranquil landscapes. The resort combines the traditional and modern facilities of Bali, showing the characteristics of Bali in luxurious accommodation and public social spaces. The hotel boasts an ubiquitous display of exquisite artistic decorations and stone carvings, highlighting the owner's meticulous intentions. No villa keys can be taken outside of the hotel, because every key is unique.

The hotel arranges a private butler for each guest, providing a full range of care and services to satisfy all their necessities.

The villa features a semi-open-air living room, a luxurious private pool with sun loungers, and a seemingly outdoor spa bath. The villa also has a fully equipped kitchen, mini bar with daily refill, coffee/tea making facilities with homemade cookies, home entertainment system with satellite TV channels, international direct dial telephone and Wi-Fi network. 

The 24-hour room service offers a sense of security. The hotel also offers free newspaper, tropical fruit, afternoon tea and evening cocktails every day to create an enjoyable stay.

Some say that to see the sunrise and sunset in the Taman Ayun temple is one of the most wonderful things in life, and this graceful scenery is only 20 minutes by car from Ametis Villa Bali. The temple is dedicated to the gods of Bali and is one of the three major temples in Bali, but also the most famous of seven coastal temples. The temple has the most beautiful sunset in Bali, and sunset is also the best time to see the temple. When the tide rises, the rocks are surrounded by seawater, and the whole temple is isolated from the land. Ask your butler in advance to remind you to go out for the sunset scene.



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