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作为贝尔蒙特集团(Belmond,原东方快车集团)旗下三家博茨瓦纳野外旅舍之一,老鹰岛旅舍(Belmond Eagle Island Lodge)与莫瑞米禁猎区的Belmond Khwai River Lodge及乔贝国家公园的Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge分别处于独立的生态系统之中。坐落于私人岛屿之上的老鹰岛旅舍,邻近奥卡万戈三角洲内多处最深河域,亦是联合国教科文组织世界遗产,特殊的地理位置与人文地位赋予了他与其他两家不同的气质与灵性。

经过大规模改建,于2015年11月重开的世界顶级旅舍Belmond Eagle Island Lodge以其全新帐篷客房餐厅及酒廊展现在世人面前,旅舍的陈设摆件皆由当地工匠以本土物料悉心打造,与视野之内的自然美景相得益彰。室内室外,自然的美景与工匠的手艺相应生辉,呈献新奇独特的地道体验。




Botswana is the wealthiest of African countries. Whereas diamonds bring wealth for Botswana people, the Okavango Delta in the northwest of the country injects vigor to this dry inland country. In the world‘s largest inland delta, the resourcefulness of nature is fully demonstrated here, herds of zebra, buffalo and black tailed wildebeest all contribute to the delta vitality. The Okavango Delta, however, is not merely a paradise for wild animals, the waterbased Belmond Eagle Island Lodge, Botswana, has created innovational experience for the visitors of this resort with its rich grassland atmosphere.

Safari Grassland on Call, Anytime, Anywhere

Nestled in the most unique ecosystem, Belmond Eagle Island Lodge is one of three Belmond safari lodges in Botswana, along with Belmond Khwai River Lodge in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve and Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge in Chobe National Park. Belmond Eagle Island Lodge is perched on a private island encircled by some of the deepest stretches of the Okavango Delta and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Such special geographical and cultural traits have injected additional spiritual sensitivities to Belmond Eagle Island Lodge, unlike the other two lodges.

Following an almost total rebuild, Belmond Eagle Island Lodge in Botswana reopened in November 2015,bringing fresh new tented guest accommodation, restaurant and lounge created by local artisans and materials, and offering an insight into the region’s natural beauty and an experience of originality. 

In addition, the lodge offers walking and air safaris in a private helicopter, as well as motorboat safaris, barge cruises and mekoro (a local canoe) safaris. Such a comprehensive waterfocused safari experience into the heart of Okavango cannot be found elsewhere in Africa.

The GuestroomsThe Wildness by The Salt Water Lake

As you are in the African grassland, it only makes sense if you are also in easy access to its precious view. To fully fit in to the surroundings, the lodge launches new 12 Deluxe Tented Rooms, so luxurious that they acted as 12 glinting diamonds scattered by the Okavango saltwater lake. Like the gentle hues of the surrounding grassland, the colour palette of the room combines greens and soft yellows with subtle grey tones, reflecting the land itself as well as the elephants that feed nearby. Shades of dusty gold and bright yellow have been added to suggest the vibrancy of birds. These 82 squaremeters rooms boasts its own outdoor deck, offering access to splendid view from within the room. The centrepiece is an oversized bed with views onto the delta. Its handmade copper finish headboard references Botswana’s mining tradition and its design, inspired by the wildlife that inhabits the lagoons, allows light to filter through and dance on the bed.



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