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正如酒店经理Benoit Foucras所说,布拉格BoHo酒店致力于成为古老欧洲城市中诠释极简轻奢生活方式之所在。在这座绚丽的文化之城中,它以其特立独行的风格,在布拉格画下自己独特的一抹亮色。

BoHo Hotel Prague

In the City of the Thousand Towers

Newly opened not long ago, BoHo Hotel is the only member of Small Luxury Hotel alliance (SLH) in the capital of Czech, and its minimalist style has formed a sharp contrast to the historical and cultural city around. The hotel boasts striking modern design, cordial and friendly service and luxury perceptions. There are 57 rooms and spa, gym, restaurants distributed in a fourstorey building. The minimalist interior style is reflected in the retro wooden signs and landing glass window, showing designer’s unique interpretation of Prague and making this hotel an elegant leisure accommodation in Prague, the city of the thousand towers.

Boho Hotel is located, in the historic area of Prague and is only a few steps away from the famous Old Town square. In winter, you see people participating in the Christmas market marching past the hotel; in the warm season, you may sit in the hotel balcony and enjoy the sunshine. Every day, the bell travels to every Gothic architecture in town, even the guest in the hotel can hear it, echoing the historical vicissitudes of life.

Through the glass door with the bold “BoHo” letters simply attached, one runs across with furniture of striking pattern and elegant neutral color tone, a contemporary design set that renders the lobby unforgettable. From the hotel lounge, lobby’s high ceiling and floor to ceiling windows, one can get a glimpse of the former post office. Here the lined up black lamps and the marble bar table complement each other, always reminding the guests of the Bohemia atmosphere filled with modernism.

Through the hotel lobby and bar, the hotel room area is just upstairs. Matte brown door, neutral color tone in the rooms, matte finish fabric and wooden furniture, have all contributed to the quietude and secrecy of the room design. In the common room, the doublesided mirror push door design not only saves the indoor space, but also increases the depth of the room skilfully. The green mosaic decorative wall in the bathroom appears also in the hotel spa, giving rise to a unified design sense throughout the hotel. Whether in the bathroom or spa, the green mottled walls give people a comfortable and peaceful feeling, as if one is immersed in the twilight forest or the fields in the early morning mist.

As the hotel manager Benoit Foucras said, BoHo Hotel is committed to become the embodiment of minimalist and lightluxury lifestyle in the ancient European cities. In a city with such brilliant culture, it has certainly made its mark in Prague with its own unique color.



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