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Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Maldives

悦榕悦椿 浪漫的马尔代夫双岛游


在当地语言中,瓦宾法鲁 (Vabbinfaru) 是珊瑚礁环绕的圆形岛屿之意。在这片绿树成荫白沙环绕的恬静岛屿,仅有的48幢沙滩别墅面积达110平米,为客人带来极致奢华而私密的享受。天然建材的广泛运用和融合当地文化的优雅设计营造出轻松浪漫的氛围,正是悦榕品牌的标志风格。





Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru & Angsana Ihuru, Romantic twinisland holiday in the Maldives

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru & Angsana Ihuru are the two sister islands on the North Male atoll, one is the honeymoon haven, the other the excellent diving center. They both belong to Banyan Tree group, and there are free shuttle ferries connecting the two islands, operating at every two hours and taking only five minutes to get to each island. And so this is the best choice for doing island hopping in the Maldives.

In local dialect, Vabbinfaru means ”the circular island surrounded by coral reef”. On this quiet island, there are only 48 Beachfront Villas, each sized at 110 m², offering extreme luxurious and private enjoyment. The use of natural materials and the elegant design inspired by local cultures have created a cozy and romantic vibe, signature of the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts brand.

The rooms are decorated with quality wooden furnitures, signature teakwood fourposter bed matched with white sheets and amenities, a perfect setting for couples in their honeymoons. The pool and outdoor Jacuzzi in the private garden are fenced with bamboo walls, creating a private and exclusive corner. One may also amble along towards the private pavilion by the seaside, and enjoy the seascape. The plantations on the island is lush, providing shadows by the daytime, and sending intoxicating fragrances mixed with seabreeze when the night falls. Holiday time here can only be sweetness and beauty and nothing more.

Staying guests can visit the research center for free. In the hatching habitat of the sea turtle, the sea turtle eggs are divided to hatch in different areas according to different months. The hatched baby turtles would first live inside the fenced area by the beach, then they will go into the ocean once they have acclimatized. Stingray, so called devil fish, is actually very gentle. Every day at 5 PM, the hotel would host a stingray feeding show by the seaside. The stingray plays with the guests in the shallow bay, and does not seem the least afraid of human. This has become the most unique experience that is not to be missed.

Angsana Ihuru is dearly loved for its ultra high quality price ratio. The hotel has 45 beachfront villas, which are divided between 57 m² beachfront villas and 68 m²  beachfront jet pool villas. The interiors are decorated with bright colors like green, orange and yellow, giving a modern and youthful feel. The guests can stay in the outdoor Jacuzzi pool all day long with excellent privacy. Raise your head to appreciate the blue sky and coconut trees, and when the night falls, the starry sky awaits you.

Like Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Angsana Ihuru has perfect natural resources, beautiful coral reef and excellent diving spots. If you‘re still amazed by the Marine Conservation Lab and stingray feeding on the Banyan tree Vabbinfaru, you might want to take a shipwreck trip in Angsana Ihuru.



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