SO/ 巴黎酒店

SO/ Paris


SO/ 巴黎酒店高耸在塞纳河右岸突出的一块卢维埃半岛,这里曾经是繁荣的河上贸易中贮存木料的地方。从酒店望去,圣路易岛和巴黎圣母院所在的西岱岛近若眼前,直线距离不到一公里。曾经象征专制统治的巴士底狱如今不存,纪念那场法国大革命的铜柱抬眼可见。酒店近前还有如今作为国家警卫队骑兵演练场的僻静区域,房间内即可俯瞰。酒店所在的建筑诞生于上世纪六十年代,半个世纪来作为市政和城市规划的功能而存在,而翻新过后高至五十米的SO/ 巴黎酒店是本岛视野广度最好的位置。

SO/ 酒店品牌隶属于Ennismore集团,而SO/ 巴黎酒店是全新推出的旗舰。Ennismore是一家主推艺术与时尚潮流的生活方式的创新酒店集团,在2021年与雅高集团合资。RDAI设计事务所负责SO/  巴黎酒店的室内设计,其知名于与爱马仕的多年合作。

The SO/ Paris hotel stands tall on a protruding piece of land on the right bank of the Seine River, once a thriving place for storing timber during river trade. From the hotel‘s perspective,the St. Louis Island and Cite Island, home to the NotreDame Cathedral, appear close, with a distance of less than one kilometer. The Bastille, once a symbol of authoritarian rule, no longer exists, but the bronze column commemorating the French Revolution is visible. In the vicinity of the hotel, there is now a quiet area that serves as a training ground for the National Guard cavalry, which can be seen from the rooms. The building where the hotel is located was built in the 1960s and has served for municipal and urban planning purposes for half a century. After a renovation, SO/ Paris now stands at a height of fifty meters, offering the best views on the island.

SO/ hotel brand is part of the Ennismore group, and SO/ Paris is its newly launched flagship property. Ennismore is an innovative hotel group that promotes an artistic and fashionable lifestyle and entered into a joint venture with Accor in 2021. The interior design of SO/ Paris is undertaken by the renowned RDAI design firm, known for their longstanding collaboration with Hermès.



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