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作为世界最受欢迎的蛋糕之一,“萨赫蛋糕”(Original SacherTorte)是音乐名城维也纳引以为傲的经典象征之一。1832年,年仅16岁的学徒厨师法兰兹萨赫(Franz Sacher)应奥地利首相克莱门斯梅特涅伯爵(Prince von Metternich)的委托制成了一款口味独特的蛋糕,并起名“萨赫蛋糕”,而后这个由34道工艺制成的美味蛋糕被广泛誉为推动人际交往的“流通货币”。多年以后,法兰兹萨赫之子爱德华萨赫(Eduard Sacher)将这份“推动人际交往”的理念延用到他开创的一家豪华酒店之中,并以蛋糕的名字命名,这就是举世闻名的维也纳萨赫酒店(Hotel Sacher Vienna)。





下榻萨赫酒店,名人们都能体味到一种相同的感受,那就是酒店不仅因为社会地位而对他们肃然起敬,更对他们与众不同的个性和需求倍感珍视。美国著名指挥家作曲家伦纳德伯恩斯坦 (Leonardo Berstein) 经常受邀于维也纳国家歌剧院演出,曾是萨赫酒店的忠实客人。作为大师,伯恩斯坦与他的钢琴总是形影不离。为此,酒店员工会悉心将大师的钢琴搬进搬出。此外,他总是选择住在同一间套房,其中的原因一直不得而知,直到一次入住时,他发现套房起居室的一幅名为Black and Blond的油画不见了,酒店才知道他对此画作的钟爱有佳,不久,这幅画作毫发无损地重回他的套房之中。伯恩斯坦离世后,这间套房也以他的名字命名,以纪念他对此间套房的厚爱之情。


As one of the most popular cakes in the world, the Original SacherTorte stands as one of Vienna’s bestknown symbols. It all started in 1832 when Prince von Metternich instructed the 16yearold apprentice chef Franz Sacher to create a cake for his discerning guests. The Original SacherTorte, which is made in 34 steps was widely accepted as a currency of interpersonal relationships around the world. Years later, in order to extend the philosophy of the interpersonal relationships, the dessert inventor’s son Eduard Sacher opened Hotel Sacher Vienna, which has not only achieved equal fame as the cake, but also become one of the most renowned luxury hotels in the world.

Anna Sacher

Hotel Sacher Vienna opened in 1876. After Eduard Sacher died in 1892, his wife Anna Sacher took over the management of the hotel. Her management style was strict but fair and Hotel Sacher the hotel quickly became Vienna’s most soughtafter hotel and a favourite meeting place of celebrities and high society. The “grande dame” became known for her cigars, which she allegedly always had in her mouth, as well as her hobby of breeding French bulldogs.

Celebrities Shaped Her Temperament

Since its opening in 1876, Hotel Sacher Vienna, located at the heart of Vienna and right behind the Vienna State Opera, has welcomed many prominent guests from the worlds of politics, economy, culture and art: Queen Elizabeth II, John F. Kennedy, Kofi Annan, Herbert von Karajan, Leo Slezak, Grace Kelly, John Malkovich … these are just a few names from a very long list that perfectly illustrates the standing of the hotel. 

Celebrities from around the world have found in the Hotel Sacher a place that respects not only their prominent social status but also their unique individuality. The great emphasis the Hotel Sacher places on addressing its guests’ individual needs can be seen in the lifelong loyalty that Leonard Bernstein showed to the hotel across from the Vienna State Opera.

The composer and conductor never travelled without his grand piano; therefore, it became the duty of the Sacher’s employees to move the grand piano carefully in and out of the hotel. Also, Bernstein always booked the same suite, and the reason he loved the room so much did not become known until the day he noticed the absence of a certain painting in his living room. Eduard Veit’s painting “Black and Blonde” was then returned to Bernstein‘s suite without further ado. After Bernstein’s death, this suite was named after him as a tribute to his deep appreciation.

From the beginning, the Hotel Sacher has been a popular destination for members of the European aristocracy, who appreciate the ambience and discreet service. Among them is Queen Elizabeth II, who during one of her visits witnessed something of a legendary performance. At a gala dinner in her honour, headwaiter Herbert Müller himself served the respected head of state. But when he approached the Queen with her dish, he tripped over the interpreter’s stool. Seeking to avoid defiling her evening gown, Müller had no choice but to embrace the Queen in order to remain upright. In the end, by remarking eloquently, “I knew that the Viennese headwaiters are charming. But I did not know that the start of the meal is signalled by a kiss on my cheek.” Elizabeth saved the day with her regal sense of humour and the charming service spirit still runs in the hotel until today.  



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