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备受期待的国际奢华生活方式酒店SO/奥克兰开业,迎接八方宾客与充满好奇的当地居民前来这座位于市中心的风尚之所。酒店地处67 Customs Street East黄金地段,这里曾是新西兰储备银行所在地,安置着新西兰的黄金储备。SO/奥克兰酒店是SO/酒店品牌旗下第七家充满个性的生活时尚酒店,标志着该品牌正式入驻太平洋地区。

新西兰知名时尚创意公司WORLD担纲特色设计合作伙伴,为这家生活风尚设计酒店注入创新活力。在WORLD的创意塑造下,酒店采用前卫大胆的标志设计,折射出奥克兰的火山历史文化新西兰的自然美景以及建筑本身的历史底蕴。酒店共有130间客房,巧妙融入火山主题,涵盖SO CozySO ComfySO Club和SO Studio客房,宾客可随心选择VapourLiquid或Solid等设计风格。SO Lofty套房以火山口为主题,SO VIP套房则主打开阔景观。

The international luxury lifestyle hotel SO/Auckland has launched to welcome guests and nosy neighbours to eat, drink, stay and play in the heart of the city. Located in prime position at 67 Customs Street East,SO/Auckland occupies the former Reserve Bank and home of the country‘s gold reserves. As the seventh addition to the SO collection of rebellious lifestyle hotels around the globe, and the first to open in the Pacific region, SO/Auckland shatters conventions.

Renowned Kiwi fashion innovator WORLD has provided flair throughout the hotel as the signature design partner for this very individual, designer lifestyle hotel. WORLD‘s influence includes the hotel‘s bold emblem design, which reflects the volcanic history of Auckland, the natural beauty of New Zealand and the history of the building itself. The hotel‘s130rooms play on the volcanic theme, guests can choose their room design style from Vapour, Liquid and Solid in all SO Cozy, SO Comfy, SO Club and SO Studio rooms. SO Lofty features a Caldera theme and SO VIP, an Exposure theme.



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