Palais Namaskar,Morocco


纳马斯卡皇宫酒店 马拉喀什的夏宫

纳马斯卡皇宫酒店位于马拉喀什市郊风景如画的棕榈园区,尽享阿特拉斯山脉和杰比莱特山的壮美景致。酒店于2012年4月开业,由著名设计师ImaadRahmouni操刀,而初衷源自业主Philippe Soulier先生的一个念头。这位企业家曾入住过全球无数顶级酒店,总能发现各种不尽如人意之处,何不自己建一座完美的酒店呢?于是才有了这座设计耗资5000万欧元的水上行宫,为红色之城马拉喀什增添了一抹梦幻的清凉。





无须进城,酒店内也能悠然度过美好的一天休闲时光。酒店餐厅精选本地新鲜食材,制作融和法式和摩洛哥式的美味菜肴。就餐地点可以任选,从花园里的一次野餐,到湖边或私人阳台上的亲密晚宴皆可。或许最佳的晚餐地点当属No Mad Bar,全马拉喀什最棒的屋顶餐吧。来上一杯鸡尾酒,欣赏壮美的阿特拉斯山脉,日落时分大地被染成粉色的景象将非常难忘。



Palais Namaskar  The Summer Palace of  Marrakech

Located in the peaceful Palmeraie oasis beneath the Atlas Mountains and Djebilet Hills, Palais Namaskar is immersed in a vast and majestic panorama. Opened in April 2012, the hotel is designed by the famous designer Imaad Rahmouni, following the idea of the owner, Mr. Philippe Soulier. The entrepreneur has stayed in numerous top class hotels around the world, and he could always find something unsatisfactory, so why not build a perfect hotel himself This is the origin of Palais Namaskar, a 50 million Euros worth water palace in the red city of Marrakech.

“Air upon wind leads to scattering, the water secures. In the law of Feng Shui, water rules.” The hotel owner believes in the wisdom of Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, and the designer fully applied the principles of Feng Shui to hotel construction. Covering an area of 5 hectares, the hotel is dotted with pools, fountains and waterfalls, with water area adding up to a staggering 1.5 hectares, nearly 1/3 of the overall hotel. Such coolness is rare in the semiarid climate of Marrakech.

With an area of 5 hectares, Palais Namaskar only has 41 rooms, suites, villas and palaces, since space means comfort and the ultimate luxury comes from the ultimate space. Each Deluxe Room at the Palais Namaskar offers 44 sqm of indulgent comfort. Each room includes a separate dressing area, and a 90 sqm front terrace that also hosts an outdoor heated plunge pool set in a harmony pond to revitalise inner energies.

Suites at Palais Namaskar range from 90 sqm to 180 sqm. Designed for total rejuvenation, they all have a terrace with an outdoor heated plunge pool surrounded by a harmony pond, while the stylish bedroom has its own scented garden terrace with a day bed. The luxury Villa Namaskar has 487 sqm of luxury and tranquil privacy, and a 1200 sqm private garden. The palaces has yet larger space.

Though located in the suburbs, Palais Namaskar is just 25 minutes from Jemaa elFnaa Square. The hotel has arranged free shuttle limousine departing the earliest at 10AM, and returning the latest at 10PM. The fun at the night square and the privacy in the hotel are not worlds apart.

The hotel restaurants offer a variety of French delicacies combined with subtle Moroccan flavours. Guests may choose a garden picnic or a dinner by the lake or in the intimacy of a private terrace. No Mad Bar is one of Palais Namaskar‘s finest treasures, the coolest rooftop in hot Marrakech surrounded by nothing except breathtaking views. The chic yet informal ambience makes it a memorable place to enjoy a cocktail beneath open skies, overlooking the grandeur of the Atlas Mountains. Sunsets are breathtaking here turning the whole world pink.

The hotel offers myriads of interesting activities for the guests. Work out in the gym with a private coach. head to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, trek by foot or mule to peaceful Berber villages, or take a camel ride through the deep silence of the Sahara desert for lunch in splendid isolation. Stay in a luxury encampment overnight to see the canopy of stars cover the hushed Sahara.

Or you may just want to refresh in your private pool, then sunbath on the day bed… Either way you won’t be disappointed.



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